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Our Technology

A gas plasma (such as that found in a fluorescent light bulb) consists of energetic atoms and electrons, moving with a unique kind of connection and cohesiveness. This gives the plasma very special properties, along with the ability to impart energy to a target in a number of forms, including ultraviolet and infrared light, electrons. A Plasma Directed Electron Beam™ (PDEB™) utilizes the high electrical potential of radio frequency (RF) energy and a gas such as Helium, Argon or ambient air to form a plasma.

PDEB™ uses the high electrical potential from a single emitter to generate a laminar column of plasma to serve as a waveguide for the transmission of a coherent, non-axially propagating electromagnetic wave. High electric potential (rather than current) results in continuous and stable energy, making the electron population more predictable and consistently energetic.